The best way to take the turmeric pills

If one does not add the extract of the black pepper to the turmeric, what happens is that the body metabolizes it fast and this makes it less effective. This is why it is advisable to go for ultra pure turmeric that comes with the extract of black pepper naturally. When one takes the turmeric as a pill, it makes it very convenient and less messy. So, when one wants to use it as a treatment for fibroid, it is better one takes it in as a capsule.

The best way to take the capsule is to use it three times a day, each capsule contains about 400 milligrams and the recommended dosage of the turmeric per day is about 1200 milligrams. One needs to follow the manufacturer guideline anytime he or she wants to use the capsule. One has to be careful when using any capsule that has turmeric in it, and follow what the doctor says. If one is placed on a particular medication before and he or she wants to use turmeric tablets, it is important that consultations be made from the doctor before one uses it together with the other medication.

Talking about dogs, one can use turmeric for his or her dog, one can sprinkle ultra pure turmeric into the dog food, and you can also give it to your dog as a supplement. Sometimes, some people make paste from its powder. It is better that before one uses it, he or she should consult his or her veterinary doctor, to check how to use it for that breed of dog, as different dogs will react to it differently. When your dog has a liver or kidney disease, avoid giving it turmeric in any form as it can also be a blood thinner. It is not advisable to give turmeric to dogs that will have surgery soon.