Quantum Physics Faqs

The Age of Aquarius has given us the new paradigm of the Laws of Quantum Physics.
This new paradigm tells us that there exists and boundless ocean of believing, intelligent energy known as the quantum ocean.
There isn’t any time there and no space there. All that is, was or will be in there.
The Era of Aquarius has given several presents to us. The sciences of the Science and Orgone Technology of Radionics.

An orgone generator may be used to clear your home environment of DOR (deadly orgone). It’s also radionics device that is straightforward.
A radionics device may be a $1000 electronic radionics device or an easy ond orgonite generator I create.
In the event the truth be told you may also make use of a bit of cardboard to create a straightforward radionics device.
A radionics device contains three principles that are working. A power source, an objective (wish or symbol) and a goal (your picture).
The Ond Orgone Generators whom I create will be the power source. The symbols whom I create will be wishes or the intentions. (make your own by writing everything you would like on a sheet of paper.)
Your picture is the goal.
Heres how it works. The quantum ocean is filled with energies. There are wealth, health and love energies there.
You and I will bring these energies through the use of an ond orgone generator or a straightforward radionics device.
When you put your goal (image) with your picture beneath the OOG you’ve set up a playing submitted, a functional matrix where the energies of the quantum ocean can enter your photography.
What actually energies enter your feeling will eventually bring their physical counterpart in your daily life.