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The social networking sites are used by almost 90% of the total population of the world. The platforms are made for the common people to involve in any kind of discussions and friendships like the real life. The websites were designed keeping in mind the purpose of making people happy. People will become happy only if they are able to communicate their feelings with the other people. Making friendship was becoming difficult as people are busy doing their daily work. People can now instantly buy 50 Instagram likes.
The people living in a particular country or area will not be able to make friendship worldwide. Some have the problem of talking with the strangers thus they were never eager to make friendship with the strangers. Sometimes people need some virtual friend to discuss about their personal problems so that no one comes to know about them.

The problem of sharing with the real friends is that somehow the secret will be coming out. This may lead to serious problems. Thus people needed someone to trust or share something without trust but having the faith that the secret will never be revealed. The companies came up with the introduction of various matrimonial websites but they did not work properly.
The reason was that the websites only provided partners to marry but that was not the target of the people. Then there came the social media giant face book. Almost everyone in the world took to face book within a very short period of time. They buy followers on Instagram and become happy.
The face book was exactly the necessity of the time. People found their friends in face book with them they can chat and share their feelings. Earlier the face book was not so developed. Now you can buy likes to show your popularity.
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